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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 29, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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anne. >> reporter: good morning. the capital gazette showing its rilience, its dedication to journalism this morning. it's short and inside the newspaper chronicles the rrowing events that unfolded hereesterday afternoon. now, court records that came outvernight indicate the suspected gunman is 38-year-old jarrod w. ramos of laurel. police have not confirmed that but ramos is due in anneru ndel county court for a bond hearing at 10:30 this morning. he is currently facing five cots of first degree mur police say the suspect was armed with aun shotg and three smoke grenades when he entered the building that houses t capital gazetteround 3:20 p.m. yesterday. the res authorities arriving on scene t in60 seconds. and agencies from across the area coordinating to evacuate more than 170 people from that building.police calling the shoa targeted attack. >> there were threats sent to
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the gazette through social media. to come in, this person wasay prared to shoot people. his intent was to cause harm and as i stated before, thet investigative of this is going to be thorough and it's going take some time. >> it's a tragic situation but there were some very brave people that came in and kept >> reporter: all right. now, here's a look at ramos' apartment whewe authorities searching and gatheringla evidence until lstni ght. exchange of gunfire when he was apprehended. the motive remains underst investigation. igators continue to question him. now, we are following this developing story very clo aly. we getting a lot of new informationod coming inay and we're going to pass that in the meantime live inli ans, i'm anne cutler fox5oc l news. morning we arefinding out moreh
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victim. 65-year-old wendi winters wasmu anity correspondent and columnist for the capital before taking over on that special publications at the paper. her daughter told the baltimore sun that her life was a gift to everyone whoknew l not be the same without her. also killed was geraldhm fisc who was at the capital's editorial page editor. he worked at the paper since 1992. fischman leaves behind a wife. rebecca smith was recently hired the capital as a sales assistant. her boss says she was kind and considerate and seemed to ially enjoy worn the media business. smith was engaged. and john mcnamara news editor spent nearly 24 years at the paper. his paion was coveringsports why years before taking on the news role recently. he's survived by his wife and rob hiaasen. he and his wife just celebratedngheir 33rd weddi anniversary. we spoke to one community member who shared the iact the victims all had. >> without tm the world doesn't know what their politicians, their elected leaders are doing. they don't know the score of
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the basketball game between severna a park broadneck so this has just been really hard. >> two other people were eated for theirnjuries following the attack. medical center the otherrundel victim taken to shock trauma inaltimore. neither suffered gunshot wounds. believed to are be superficial possibly from broken glass caused by the gunman. a we learned young man interning in the capital gazette news room post add terrifying tweet ps heleaded for help. >> anthony messenger a senior at salisbury university tweeted minutes within the shooting a tweet that read active shooter, 888 best ga. please help us. officials later confirm messenger was okay and was not injured afr his plea fo help. > it was a scary moment for shoppers at the nearby westfield annapolis mall. as initial reports were gunshots were hired there before it was confirmed that the shots came from across the street. it took just 60 seconds for police to respond and as people took coversses shutne dow
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>> they locked all the doors and everything, you know, all the guests were, you know, we i keptnside and, you know, we were -- we were just really just in shock and we b were at the, you know, there's a tv the so we were actually watching the news. we did tkbout, you know, what -- what would happenf he did come, you know, to duck down, you know, hide somewherebt happen. >> it's a fghtening feeling and now that i'm in security, i'm on the other side of it, so i must say that i can understand everyone who hasd been invin this, what they must feel like. people that were working in this building. >> a family reunification a center was set up i former lord andep taylor dtment store nearby. >>n a move that's become all shooting there's now a go fd account set up for the newspaper in just a matter of hours it has raised more than $57,000. a reporter from bloomberg government named mattie alexander set up that account. the u posrges people to
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give what they can toelp the newspaper's employees with money for medical bil funeral costs, news room repairs andrs other expenses. ofe we're goiwi to stay that. you can get updates on ourte web we'll also beet tweg out any breaking details from our fox5's d.c. account and we will post updates on ourfaceboo. >> ♪ let's switch gears and talk a thttle wea. everybody is wondering what the weekend is going to be like but i think we know. >> i thinkou've got the gist of it. sunshine and hotnd conditions all w long. we're firing things off today. 74 degrees outside right nce. and clear skies. moon just came down awful. it was full yesterday. nearly full yesterday. will set about 6:30 this morning. the sun will be up before then. ternoon, mostly sunny skies. heat wave officially begins and it continues rthht on ugh the weekend. check out youave weekend,foreca. sunshine a 95 on saturday.sunda,
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96 degre h. u.v. index sigh both days. if you're going to the pool like this lady here makeure you are putting on the sunscreen. both days will feel like a hundred degrees plus in theaf rnoon. that's your weather forecast through the weekend. hey, erin, how is traffic. >> 4:36 rht now. we're keeping our eyes on the roads, mike thomas, so we'll get started with look at a new crash bw parkway on the northbound side before 32 it's blocking all lanes right now so you're going to have to detour around that in laurel. me 95 to save yourself& another serious crash this morning. as we move things along we have an overturned truck scrash. that o in upper marlboro and it is blocking all lanes of 4 by to youer d how road d. you'reling with that overturned truin crash. gs in virginia looking any questions at erin d.c. on . ll right. 4:36 is our time right now. it's friday. so of course that means it is
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a zip trip day for us. today we're headed tod maryland a community that many of you probably heard about, maybe you've nev been to, never been on the inside probably. world.alking about leisure allison ioing to be there tony tucker erin and kevin >> get ready t ride in style with o fox5 zip trips. go to.c and enter for your chance to win a two year lease on a new acura tlx. ve finalists will be selected. all m finalisust attend the fina trip trip. all entrants must be 18 or older. prize is provided byea d.c. ar acura dealers. complete rules are available at today i th. 4:37 is our time right now. coming up on fox5 morningnalis s being unfairly targeted. all have our first day at work all lasts longer than we all
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believe. >> yeah. >> who you talking to. and right now let's go ahead there's the capitol building this morning. 4:38 is our official time, 73 degrees. fox5 mor coming right back. ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the time now is we're back wit0.h w:4hat's hot n the web. >> the centers for disease control say tainted water is to blame for the romaine lettuce re coli o break. they're trying to figureho out it got into the canal and ifhere was contamination anywhere else.0 20eople got sick, five people dd. >> serena williams believes she's being targeted by anti-doping autrities. the seven time champion feels singled out especiaanmly visited her hllome this month. she's been tested five times by the.s u.a this. year. most other american tenn test od oncell h c opl nai aotned toquch
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st fre >> 700-acre patch of private land with more than a thousand wissive red wood trees on it t ll public to see. that's becausewnheer of that land passed away and left the property to his family. the family with the help of save the red woods is now erreoyg the property into apubln ovesor ome a thousand years old and are taller than s thetatue of liberty. >> that's cool. >> if you've recently taken a vacation and want to know how lg that glow lasts not long. when you c oe back from vacan a happy high i r getting away, people days. usually come back to work haier with better attitudes more energy more scientists say attitudes are infectious. if someone has a bad attitude other workers are likely to feel theame way. >> you come back on monday itsed good untnesday then thursday -- >> usually for me it's tuesdayish. [laughter] >> just kidding. u traffic projects in our region is under way in northernin
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virg. >> more american diplomats are coming down wh a mysterious illness. >> heading to break, live look at the beltway. this is lnargo. it is 4:42 right now and is 73 degrees. am right about that? yes, 73 degrees. back after this. >> ♪
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